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Studio time

This is

it. I saved just enough money to quit my corporate job and spend the next six months in the studio. Don't get me wrong: I actually liked my corporate job, the income, the intellectual stimulation and the many personal connections with terrific, kind, intelligent people.

But life is also super short. It's now or never. Some folks want to travel the world; I want to spend time right here, creating, writing, brimming with ideas for marvelous things to make.

First things first: my husband and I spent the summer renovating our second floor studio space. There's great light up here, a large wall to hang my designs and a view of the garden. I've got a desk and a set of laminated Ikea tables for my embroidery work. We also made a padded ironing table from a piece of plywood and quilt batting and found affordable storage bins that fit into our shelving.

The work was completed just in time for my good friend, Kay Sarver to come and interview me for her Art Tribe video blog. Kay, who is a fabulous artist, has made it her life mission to promote the work of fellow Houston artists. She is a kind and very skilled interviewer. It felt incredibly validating to go through this process with her. I am so very grateful for Kay's support and professionalism.

I am back and excited to be sharing this journey with you. Many, many thanks, with all my heart, to all who have supported me with words of encouragement and wisdom, useful tips, connection. feedback and material. you are terrific!

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