• P,M. Neist

When you suddenly find your tribe

Last January, I accepted into Artist Inc. an program aimed at developing a professional art practice. The program, in its third year in Houston, is powered by FreshArts.

In my application, I had explained that I have had a successful corporate career but that I have felt isolated as an artist. I wanted to find my tribe, people who are as passionate as I am about becoming professional artists.

The program has been absolutely fantastic: from business records, to legal issues, and website development to marketing, Artist Inc is an bootcamp for professional artists.

Artists work in small group, with peer facilitators, to develop their business skills and they report on their progress to each other.

The best part is that the program mixes artists across disciplines, generations, gender and ethnicity.

And the boot camp aspect really help people bond and support each other.

Now I have a tribe and links to fellow artists that I can partner with.

The note above was written by Jelisa Robinson this super cool playwright who is writing about the Black-Latino culture in our city. I was seriously doubting my abilities on the week Jelisa wrote this so I really needed that notecard. I made me feel seen. It made me feel part of my little tribe.


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