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My banker loves art

My good friend Marion, who has been mentoring are, told me in no uncertain terms it was time to get serious about business so I finally got my DBA, applied for my sales tax permit and this past Saturday, showed up at the bank to open a business account.

I expected the banker to laugh at me. But the opposite happen, Jennifer M, banker, loves art. She loves small businesses and people who take chances trying to do what they are good at. She and I hit it off.

For close to an hour we spoke of my goals, the importance of realistic expectations, creativity, my passion for producing very personal, unique pieces and how I am leveraging my experience in business to launch my art career. Jennifer showed me pictures of her daughter's drawings and helped me select an account and services that would fit my needs.

There is a lot of talk these days about the evils of financial institutions and my dealings with the bank are mostly online these days so it was truly amazing to be able to connect to a real person who actually took the time to take interest in me.

Getting started is intimated so I felt incredibly lucky to be dealing with someone who took a genuine interest in what I am doing.

I sent Jennifer a handwritten thank-you note and a personal invitation to the show on December 15th. She said she would come. I am pretty excited about it.

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