• P,M. Neist

The delightful body

What does it mean to be who we say we are - woman, mother, artist, office worker, embroiderer, tom-boy, dreamer, driver, citizen, patient,...

I have been obsessing about this question. What I thought held true no longer does.

Motherhood no longer occupies the prominent spot in my life.

I have to take precautions before climbing up the roof (and I love being on the roof!)

Professional success is less important than it once was, which in turn has made work more enjoyable. I can finally be myself and have a sense of humor about what comes my way.

What does it mean to be me? How do I see others? What can we see in others that they can't or won't see in themselves? What is beautiful? What is true? Does skin color matter? How about gender? Clothing? What do we hide and what do we show others?

I am embarking on a series of portraits to nudge all those questions.

This week, I am sharing "The magician". Cotton, silk and gesso on felt. 10 3/4" by 13 3/4". She's a cheeky, joyful, mysterious gal.

#textileart #handembroidery #felt


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