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#55 Fairy Child

Remember when you were a little kid and the world was utterly magical? I still get that feeling sometime, especially when I am alone in the studio, or on a road trip: just me and my thoughts. Everything is beautiful then. Light and fun.

But life has been a bit overwhelming lately.

For starters, I can't stand reading the news anymore. Politics and climate change make me anxious.

I am also going through a great deal of change In both my professional and personal life. There are lots of unanswered questions I can't seem to tackle. This isn't panic, but a low-level anxiety that seems to permeate my days.

Paradoxically, the more anxious I get, the more art pours out of me. I just completed a new series of over twenty hand-embroidered collages using a new technique that produces a complex textile surface that I work over with Gesso. I finish the piece by combining collage and hand-embroidery.

The process is meditative and exhilarating. The fairy child pictured here is the smallest of the pieces and the most endearing to me. It reminds me of being bundled up in wool scarves during the dark wet winters in northern France where I grew up. No matter how bad the weather, I felt safe in my wool cocoon: warm, light, ready for an adventure.

Do you have a fairy child to get back to at the end of a tough day?

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