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#52 Half way

This is episode 52 of project 105. The half way point.

This week's project is about tension and the dentition to give up, half way through.

I have been working on this piece for months. I had this idea that I was going to translate the concepts of drawn work onto paper. In drawn work, threads are pulled out of piece of fabric and the resulting "holes" are reworked into an embroidered pattern.

My original idea was to "weave" threads from a paper frame and then work the threads into a patter but the tension of the threads kept benign the paper so I had to experiment with various thicknesses of cardboard frame. But it's hard to poke clean holes in cardboard so that part took a half dozen tries. Then I had to find the right thread and learn to balance the tension because the cardboard itself had no "give". I also had to keep track of my work by counting the threads and spacing them precisely. I got extremely frustrated. Finally, just when I thought things were finally going great, my son looked over my shoulder and pointed out that I had mis-counted by threads. I stopped, half-way through completion.

The unfinished project remained on my shelf for a full three months. Once I picked it up, it took just fifteen minutes to complete.

This week's story is about thinking of giving up half way through, which sometimes happens.

Read the story here.

This work was realized with plain black sewing thread and cardboard. Nothing fancy. Sixteen or so discarded experiment, four months and fifteen minutes from start to finish. Piece of cake.

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