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#49 Weeds

I am visiting my folks in Southern France, working with very limited supplies this week: my needles, a pair of baby scissors and a sketchbook. It's been hard to find creative time in between the family visits and excursions.

I got super lucky though and found a discarded gold silk tassel on the side of the road - probably from someone moving furniture. I took it all apart and reused the thread on a little square of curtain that I found in my mom's supply closet.

The initial design was pretty bare so I decided to hunt for more material and finally settled on the tall golden weeds that grow near the beach. The weeds make for an interesting material: they had to be tucked into the fabric with a heavy sailing needle but their stalks are covered in scales that stick to just about anything. The weeds also have what look like dark fuzzy leaves that I got to use for shading.

To finish it up, I made a small bouquet of wildflowers, dragged my dad's black plastic chair into the garden and snapped a pic under the blackberry tree. Beautiful light.

This week's art is ephemeral: US customs won't let me take seeds back with me. I wIll take everything apart before I leave.

This week's story is about the passing of time. Read it here

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