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#46 - Nourished

There’s so much beautiful vintage linen to be used. After purchasing a few more choice pieces at a church rummage sale last Saturday, I was inspired to go home and unearth this bib that I had been holding on to.

The cotton fabric is so thin, it’s hard to believe any mother would actually try and use this bib to protect a baby’s clothing but the crocheted white rabbits and the repaired strings give it a tender charm.

Various lines of inquiry led to this piece:

I watched Paul Anderson’s “Phantom Thread” twice this past weekend. The movie offers a startling point of what is often thought of as a woman’s traditional nurturing role. Food plays a central role in this movie that I find mesmerizing and exhilarating in just the slightly twisted sort of way that gets me going.

Second, I am in the third month of a ten-month long training that is forcing me to explore topics I would not have chosen for myself. This month includes an exploration of the color white.

Third, I am reading Rozsika Parker’s Subversive Stitch, a rather serious academic study of embroidery and feminism. The book itself is slightly depressing. But it is certainly nudging a certain naughtiness in me.

No wonder that this week’s project, which started as a diligent white-on-white sampler, took a turn toward provocative: magenta corduroy, creative hand lettering, one word that says it all and a well-placed miniature fork.

95% of the material is recycled.

This week’s story is inspired by my grandmother who liked to explain that while my grandfather got a medal and gold watch after forty years working for the French electric company, she, in turn, never got such honors. She kept working and cooking until her eyes gave out.

Read the story here.

I think she would have liked this piece.

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