• P.M. Neist

Inches that feel like miles

Since every design idea is an exercise in problem solving, I can assert that the handmade shoes are giving me a heap of opportunities to hone my skills.

Since the top is made of fabric, I must find a way to prevent the pieces from fraying. The solution is to carefully stitch the around the pieces with a very tight silk blanket stitch.

It's not too terribly hard but the work is incredibly tedious. All pieces combined, I estimate there are probably four feet of borders that I am having to work on. I am sick of the same green silk, tired of the repetitive movement.

After four hours, my hands gets stiff and I am bored of having Westworld play in the background. I have a less than a foot to go then I'll have to stitch the edge of each border to give it a little zing here and there.

Next will be the thorny issue of how to stitch all the pieces together and make them hold to the shoe sole. That is bound to be more complicated. Perhaps I should enjoy the boring parts while I still can.

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