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#45 An uneasy birthday

My friend and long-time mentor, Jim, passed away unexpectedly last week, a few days before my birthday. I have known Jim for over twenty years. I am having a difficult time imagining life without him. I am also having a difficult time feeling creative.

Most of all, I am struggling with feeling the sense of joy that should accompany the sweet birthday wishes that I have been receiving.

I feel blessed and grateful for friends and family, but I am also grumpy and sad. I can't help it. This week's art reflects my feeling about this uneasy birthday: haphazard, lost and a little stunned.

Thanks to Charlie the bulldog for being such an expressive model. And many thanks to Tina Tran for letting me use Charlie's photo.

I have always have an uneasy relationship with dogs. I am allergic to them and occasionally afraid but I have also experienced a few nice moments. This week's story weaves in death, dogs and birthday into a sweet little tale of newfound affection.

Read the story here

Many thanks for the birthday wishes. It is nice to have friends and nice to be blessed with another day of art. Also, all my love to Jim's family: Emilie, Danielle and Connor. You are in my heart.

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