• P.M. Neist

On the work of women

In the process of looking for material for an upcoming project, I came upon a small cache of hand-embroidered linen at one of the local thrift shop. A friend happened to be with me and we got to marvel together at the delicate beauty of the work.

I ended up paying less than $50 for a pair of table cloths and a whole stack of white-worked placemats. One of the tablecloths - duly signed and dated - is over a hundred years old. Its exquisite work was valued at a mere $6.

This is a reputable shop that knows how to price its goods. There was no error in pricing. And it made me sad that the work of these women is so undervalued. I have rescued the linens, washed and ironed them, folded them lightly so their fibers wouldn't crease. Their loving perfection inspires me.

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