• P,M. Neist

The temptation to cut corner

There always seems to come a time in any project when I have had enough: enough drawing, embroidering, cutting, sewing, enough of what seemed at first like a glorious idea but is now turning into a heap of work.

This is exactly what happened with the shoe project.

After constructing, cutting and embroidering the tops of each shoe, I needed to find a way to bind the fabric together. I decided to use what is known as a "blanket stitch".

The result was rough, amateurish but two solid weeks, I convinced myself and whoever cared to listen that my artistic license allowed be to do as I pleased, True enough but what was really happening was that I was sick of this endless project. And scared. What if the whole thing failed.

I wanted to give up.

Whenever the temptation to give up rears its sneaky little head, the best cure seems to give a project a little rest, which is exactly what I did.

I finally picked it up again last Sunday and spent an afternoon finishing up the top of one shoe and half of the other. The result is lovely.

Now there are four more parts to finish. This is going to be one very long tedious project. I am sick of this blue silk thread and secretly scheming a plan to give it all up.

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