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#41 Girl Mystery

In her memoir, French writer Marguerite Yourcenar tells the story of spending her entire first commission check on a blue vase from Lalique - on the ground that you shouldn't work simply for survival. Of course, Yourcenar came from a prominent family where money was never an issue but I do like the principle.

Once a year, I make a point on doing something extravagant (at least by my standard). There was the year where I bought my first original piece of art ($600 in 12 installments of $50), and the year I spent the proceed of all my workshops on an old-fashioned clock that now sits in my office.

This week's art is dedicated to the working women who - once in a while - manage to do something spectacular for themselves.

As it happens this woman is a writer of Girl's Mystery novels - just because I happened to have been thinking about Fantomette, the girl hero of my youth (think a French Nancy Drew with a mask and an attitude).

Read this week's flash fiction story on Medium.com

The artwork was realized in pen and ink on a vintage tea towel with a lovely piece of lace. Vintage cloth is super thin and this one kept shifting under my pen, which was interesting and a bit unnerving. Also, in the story, the character wears black and white shoes from a fictional designer but I couldn't help myself and had to use emerald green in the illustration.


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