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#40 The red shoes

I was inspired by a number of stories this week: breakfast with a friend brought up the name Bud Smith, which I absolutely had to use, I wore my red patent leather shoes to work last week, and I have been re-reading a naughty fat book of modernized fairly tales - My mother she killed me, my father he ate me - which got me thinking about the tale of the red shoes.

That story has always fascinated me and I must admit I have always loved the hint of danger that comes from wearing red shoes.

This week's artwork in hand embroidered and hand-lettered on one of those printed vintage handkerchiefs that was common in the seventies. It's a little cotton square in red and blue, thin and a little frayed. First I drew and embroidered the couple, then I embroidered the red wreath using the existing design as a guide.

The biggest challenges are that the print pattern is not symmetrical and there is very little room to hand-print the story. I ended up organizing the printed word around the main design. Right now, the result is uneven. I am giving it a couple of days to decide whether or not I will rebalance it.

Part of my likes symmetry. Part of me likes that the unsettling print matches the unsettling tone of the story.

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