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Fine Little Day

I came upon this book titled "Fine Little Day" which I got to buy for just $1.80. Ah! I love myself a good bargain.

The book - which features beautiful photos - is based on a Swedish blog by the same name, The blogger - Elisabeth Denkler - apparently became so successful promoting what I can best describe as her visual brand, that she eventually obtained pretty lucrative contracts with Ikea and Urban Outfitters.

According to the vision of Fine Little Day, Swedish people live in a charming world of vintage, crafty goods. They sip from mugs embellished with cute patterns and sleep under blankets assembled from crochet potholders. Dunker is unapologetic about her rosy view of the world. She is delivering a shot of visual happiness, no more, no less.

This being said, I can't put the book down and I have been finding myself entranced but the web site. While the delicate world of Fine Little Day is reminiscent of the prevalent aesthetic of pseudo-rusticity (check The Pionner Woman), the swedes have this thing for patterns: 70's flowered wallpapers prevail as do modernist leaf patterns. I can't get enough of the stuff.

Pure eye candy. Check it out.

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