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#37 Hot Titus

How about an art box for a change? It's spring here in Texas, the azaleas are blooming, our cars are covered in yellow pollen, the days are warm and sunny and there is color everywhere. I have been experimenting with a new set of watercolors and spent the best part of Monday drawing every little leaf and flower I could find in my garden.

Making the art box turned out to be far more challenging than I had expected. It started with a large cookie tin and a piece of red velvet. I thought I was going to make a circus scene until I came upon that one can of Hot Titus sardines, which I absolutely HAD to include in the design. From then on, the creative juices started flowing.

I am quite happy with the results. Expect a few more art boxes in the coming months.

As for Hot Titus, he is one cool cat. Read his story here.

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