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#36 Off she goes

Creative feelings are flowing. I am feeling bubbly, energized and full of ideas. In just a few days will be Spring Break when I will get to enjoy a full week of exploration in the studio. This week's theme is about departure and leaving things behind: mostly that hum-bah winter feeling.

The sun is shining here in Texas. I am ready for an adventure.

This week's piece concludes the witch's series that was started last January. The story sees our heroine, Ginette and Mina, off onto their new life. Good luck to them.

Read their story here.

As for the art, I picked up the truck and tree from the Patagonia Christmas catalog. The wooden camper was the most outlandish hipster car I had ever seen. I absolutely needed to use it. I added bits of fabric and custom embroidery. I am particularly proud of my slanted red script.

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