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#34 Faraway

As much as a struggle last week was, this week's work was a breeze. My stitches were precise, the fabric didn't bunch up and the blue and gold design was perfectly peaceful. This is how it goes: one week we struggle, the next we don't.

But here the catch: this work was so easy, I felt guilty to be using it for this week's post. I call this the "no pain, no gain" syndrome. If I don't feel the effort, it must not be serious enough to count, right? I feel that way in my bill-paying job and when I exercise and even in my relationship. Work work, work, work. It's got to be hard.

This piece used fabric images from a travel catalog and a tidbit of a flimsy book catalog I've kept for over two years. The blue denim backing is from a repurposed shirt that my daughter gifts me and there are tiny bits of silks in the tree leaves. The embroidery is silk and cotton. Oh! And check out that lovely gold fabric: bright yellow faux suede that I purchased some time back and keep rationing because I love it so much.

The illustration serves as yet another installment in the witches' story. The witches are generating a lot of interest. Thank you for the emails and comments. It's really, really nice to be getting feedback. This week, the witches are getting a job offer - travel required. Read on.

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