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#32 The Twins

I am late posting this week, although, to be fair, there is neither an actual schedule by which I am supposed to post or a blog inspector making sure these things get done. And to date, no one has ever sent me a nasty email demanding that I keep up - or else. But a good part of this project is about keeping up the energy over a long period of time, so here I am, on this Saturday morning, in a hotel room off a Dallas freeway, dutifully posting my blog.

I am here for a family celebration but I negotiated to carve away a couple of hours to catch up with art after a rough week at work.

With the exception of that one person who made it to the big times in New York, all the artists I know work to pay the bills. We are baristas, teachers, graphic designers, dog-walkers, engineers, marketers, salespeople. I happen to be a school administrator.

All of us have learned to make the best of nooks and crannies: that half hour working out a sketch at Starbucks, the evenings and weekends locked in the studio, the art supplies we pack in our suitcases, the bits of time we negotiate with significant others so we can "do our thing".

So, in spite of packed schedule this week, I am continuing the fabric collage series with "The twins", a spirited duo. The twins serve as the illustrations and hero of A Perfect Education. Read the story on medium.com.

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