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#30 The witch's house

For years, I have been making notes about a story that takes place in the mountains of central France. The "massif central" is a collection of ancient volcanoes right in the middle of France. The entire area is covered by pine trees and the region has been inhabited since prehistoric times. It's a very mysterious place that's not too terribly popular with tourists, mainly because the climate can be quite cold.

The traditional houses have thick stone walls and fireplaces.

As a kid, I spent a great deal of time roaming the woods and it was easy to imagine all sorts of stories.

This week's art illustrated the story of "the witch's house". The term "witch" actually refers to the traditional healers that still practice in many places in France.

Read this week's story on medium.

As for the art it just came to me when a small piece of fury fabric landed on my table. At first, I thought of a hat, then it became a roof.

The piece combines pen and ink, transfer, collage and hand-embroidery and it is available for the taking as part of Project 105. Email me if you need it or know someone who does!

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