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#29 Totem Bunny

I have been on a roll experimenting with techniques that combine collage, appliqué and embroidery. This particular piece combines all three and I like it so very much it's going to be hard to let it go! Plus, I have this thing for bunnies...

This particular bunny was cut out from an old Antropologie catalogue from years back. I collaged it with bits of a Franch literary magazine and tiny scraps of my favorite fabric.

The story, which you can read at medium.com is partly autobiographical.

Years ago, I attended a workshop where we were asked, through a guided meditation, to pick our animal totem. The workshop was overseas and I profoundly jet-lagged. I fell asleep during the meditation and never got to see my animal totem. I winged it for the rest of the workshop.

Still, I have always have a fondness for bunnies and thought I couldn't be too far off for selecting one as my animal totem.

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