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#28 The keepers

Once in a while, I struggle mightily to come up with a weekly story and illustration. This week's drawing is inspired by sketches I had made of paper sculptures.

I remember years ago, when I was taking my first college-level art classes, that the teacher told us to keep a sketch book. We were supposed to make daily copies of other artists's drawings and were graded on the regularity of our practice. I hated the exercise. It felt forced.

A couple of years later, I started drawing incessantly. I kept a sketchbook with me at all times and drew just about everywhere. It was exciting. And without the judgement or the grades, I practiced non-stop.

Now my sketchbook are different: I draw, I work out ideas, I doodle about things that interest me. They've become the fodder for my work. I keep tons of sketchbooks of all sizes and work in several of them all at once.

Aptly enough, this week's story is about a female artist how discovered her own path. Read it on medium.com

Updated 7/10/2018

The Keepers was requested by Rohit G. for his wife:

"After I read the description, I knew it would be apt for my wife.She is very talented but stretched out in all directions due to work and a new baby.Yet, she tries hard to keep her artistic journey by sketching projects of different sizes.The "keepers" would be a wonderful symbol for her."

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