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#26 An unlikely angel

I can't believe Project 105 is a quarter of the way through, with the 26th installment being posted right before Christmas! This week's artwork started with a visit to my friend Mary's studio where I noticed a discarded bit of silk transfer. Mary was nice enough to gift it to me and "The Unlikely Angel" was created.

I have been experimenting with using only recycled materials. This one used a scrap of denim shirting and silk thread that was donated by the Brown family after their mom passed away. I am also using Mts. Brown's 1969 Singer Touch's Sew sewing machine, which I adore.

The artwork was embroidered with cotton, silk and touch of goldthread.

The story of The Unlikely Angel is inspired by a photograph of my husband, Stan, as a Christmas angel when he must have been four or five years old. The story is dedicated to all who are called to be trusted with angelic duties.

For once I will donate the piece early, on the off-chance that the lucky winner might get it on time for Christmas. Email me at pmn@pmneist.com to put your name the hat!

Updated on December 28, 2017

There were many, many requests for The Angel", including two from parents who had lost children. These requests touched my heart. "The Angel" was given to Rachel C of Houston, Texas

Hello! I saw your Unlikely Angel ornament on a Facebook page. The image touched me, it’s beautiful!

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