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#25 Wild

There are so many times when I don't know what is going to happen with a particular design.

This one started with the border, which got more and more heavily embroidered as I kept reaching into my stash for all shades of green. I used a great deal of silk for this piece, which felt totally yummy to the fingers.

Then the little character, which I had barely sketched, got dressed in what appears to be a cross between a pajama and a Mao suit. Then the hair... The hair kept coming and coming and coming. It did not want to stop.

Hence this week's flash-fiction story, which is dedicated to those of us with wild hair. Read it at Medium.com

As for the art, it is a lovely small piece which I ended up quilting.

Whoever claims it, I want you to know that I took such immense pleasure in making it for you.

This is the 25th piece of artwork for Project 105. As always, it is being donated. Use the form on this site to request it or simply email me at pmn@pmneist.com to put your name in the hat. As always, I will draw a name next Wednesday.

Updated on 12/21/2017

Mita S won "Wild": "Gorgeous greens and crazy hair are part of my life. I think I have tried at least half of the remedies the girl in the story has tried, I need a Latvian grandmother I guess!"

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