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#23 The Lion Tamer

My visit to Master Embroiderer Mary Martin this weekend inspired me to get into the Holiday spirit. Mary's work is extraordinary for its precision and technique and I encourage you to visit her website for very unusual, professionally-made unique embroidery.

I can't claim Mary's level of craftsmanship but what I like in technique I make up in spirit, which is why I am dedicated this holiday to kick-ass women who know what they want.

This first ornament, the lion-tamer, just won't give up. Read her story here.

And yes, this gal is ready to keep you or someone you love company. She can grace a tree, or hang from a bedpost. Email me to put your name in the hat.

Updated on 12/8/2017

The Lion Tamer is being given to Caitlyn: "our lion tamer reminds me of my totally fearless five-year-old daughter".

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