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#22 The way out

Sometimes, it feels almost impossible to find my way out. I am stuck. I am in a rut. Nothing goes my way. I make ten pictures, none of them works. I get an infection, then I get the flu, then I get a cold. I spill ink all over my desk. I misplace my favorite ruler for three whole months, then I find the ruler and misplace it again that same afternoon. I put my glasses down but can't find them again because I am nearly blind without glasses. I can't find the book I meant to show my friend. My computer is stuck in a loop asking for the same password, over and over. I park in the wrong building for my dentist appointment and don't realize my mistake until I get off on what I think is the correct floor but the office is not there. I can't recall the English word for "pamplemousse", then I can't recall the french word for "spreadsheet".

I worry. I get mad. Somehow, I claw myself out of the pickle. Somehow, I make it.

This piece is dedicated to all who are lost.

Wishing you all a prompt way out.

Updated on November 15, 2017

"The Way Out" was given to Bonnie S. of Houston, Texas

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