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#20 The Mirage

The longer I remain in the US, the more I struggle with my idea of France. I keep looking for the country I knew growing up but the language, habits, food, fashion and literature keep changing.

The idea of a place is not the same as the place itself.

This week's story and illustration are inspired by one of my favorite parks in Rosendael, France. The park was built as a romantic fantasy in a Normandy-style architecture that bore no relation to its Flemish location.

I adored that place, precisely because it was so very different from everything else around it.

Just this week, I found a turn-of-the century postcard of the park and got inspired to draw some of the buildings as a background to a piece that was waiting to be completed.

"The Mirage" was born! Read the story on Medium.com

As always, the hand-drawn, hand-embroidered illustration is being given away as part of Project 105. Email me if you are interested.

Updated on November 1, 2017

The Mirage is being given to Tanya who reached out to me on October 26th.

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