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My interview with Mary Rogers

Last summer I emailed Mary Rogers, host of the "Experience 50" podcast, to tell her how much her work meant to me. I did not expect a reply. Mary Rogers is an accomplished podcaster with a background in radio. She has produced over 100 episodes of the Experience 50 podcast, why would she care to hear from me?

Oh but she did.

Whether you are a podcaster, an illustrator, a seamstress, a cook or a musician, it's hard to put yourself "out there" for people to see your work. And in a world so saturated with media it can be hard to believe that what you do matters to others.

But it does.

Mary's podcasts were the wellspring for Project 105 and in turn, my email to her what just the little boost she needed to keep going on her own journey.

So, we started to talk and got pretty smitten with each other's accomplishments.

Listen to our chat about "Dark Places and Midlife Pivots" and how I got to start this whole website thanks to Mary.

Also, visit her website. Binge-listen to her awesome podcasts and by all means, support her work. Mary is dynamite!

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