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#18 Spirited

My kids used to joke that there were days when they could have been abducted by aliens and I probably would not have noticed.

I was a busy mom with a full-time job. I had things to do and many personal interests beside my children and my professional work.

So yes, I may have seem distracted sometime but guess what? My children turned out to be perfectly fine, balanced human beings. Even better: both are highly accomplished and gifted with extraordinary curiosity.

So here is a little story and an accolade to all busy mothers out there.

Do not worry. Your children will be just fine!

As always, this piece will be gifted at part of Project 105. Don't be shy, email me and ask for it. Also, do me a favor and share this friends.

Updated on October 19:

"Spirited" is being given to Manuel D, of Houston Texas.

I want this one, but I would just gift it to my favorite sister, a sister who has been and continues to be a super mom…

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