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#17 The thrill

Years ago, I bought a ream of wrappers for cans of Alaskan Salmons: fierce looking fish on a bright red background.

The wrappers remained at the bottom of my (very) large stack of images until last week when I finally grabbed a pair of embroidery scissors a pot of glue. I have made a series of six pieces, all of them of salmon and insects, using the embroidery to convey the story.

This piece shows a little red beetle narrowly escaping the hungry fish. No worries - this beetle is a tough little cookie. Read the story here.

Email me at pmn@pmneist.com if you are interested in winning this piece.

Updated on The Thrill: Sonny E. of Houston Texas claimed the piece.

"I have fished for salmon in Alaska,

know he thrill of the chase, the taste

of the fish I sent back home to dine on

along with great fishing stories with my family

and friends!"

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