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#16 Tarot deck: the hanged man

This week, I am inspired by the tarot. I have a beautiful Klimt-inspired tarot deck that I love to draw cards from and of course, there is always my good friend Samantha whom I go to when I want a serious reading.

Tarot, but particularly the hanged man, is never what you think it is. What you think is good turns out bad, or vise versa, and this is where growth and knowledge comes from.

In this week's story a young countess draws the wrong card from a tarot deck - or does she?

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As always, the hand-embroidered, hand-drawn, signed illustration will be given away as part of Project 105. Whether you are a tarot lover, a friend of a tarot lover or you simply like upside-down bearded men, email me to put your name in the hat and claim this piece.

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