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#15 - The art of the reject pile

Let's shake things up a bit this week with an abstract piece titled "The Reject Pile". It's literally taken me weeks to bring this piece to completion. I don't do a lot of abstract work and this one is part of a trio that I struggled with mightily over the summer.

This piece languished for weeks on end in my reject pile. I had lots and lots of feelings about it, none of them good. And now look! It's my absolute favorite and I am so proud of it. Look at this handiwork my friends! I am ready to brag!!

The bottom line is: you've got to love your reject pile. It's annoying AF but it's where all the good stuff eventually comes from. My reject pile fills several drawers, half a closet and several hidden nooks and crannies throughout the house. Yes, it's that bad. Or it's that wonderful, depending on how I chose to look at it.

Second shake-up this week: no flash fiction. Instead I am sharing my opinions in the form of a short article I posted on Medium.com, titled (you guessed it!): "The Miraculous Reject Pile"

Read it. Share it.

The illustration for this article is the 15th for Project 105 and as always, it is up for adoption. Contact me at pmn@pmneist.com if you would like to claim it, for yourself, a friend or neighbor.

September 27 update

"The Reject Pile" was given away to Nicole B. of Houston, Texas.

"Intriguing and always beautiful. I was in the reject pile following a lay from my company of many years. The lens we view the world with, the ideal of rebirth, the opportunities ahead. Thinking these thoughts and would love the reminder embodied in your piece going forward." Nicole B.

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