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#14 The deluge

Post-Harvey what else could I write about but the deluge that nearly drowned our city? In this week's story, the deluge lasts a Biblical 40 days. Harvey was much shorter but it was enough for all of us in Houston to experience the anxiety, the confinement, the boredom and the powerlessness. And at the end, hope. Read the story on medium.

For once I am sticking to pure black and white. The illustration was done in pain and ink, the rain and black border were embroidered with quilting thread.

This piece is being given away this week. Email me to put your name in the hat. Claim it for yourself or for someone who must have it.

Update on The Deluge

This illustration was given to Alan M. of Houston, Texas. Here is what Alan had to say about The Deluge: "Holy Harvey Batman! I would be proud to display this incredible (and timely) piece of amazing artwork. Would you not agree that this work needs to remain in Houston? My very favorite so far, by a mile. Pick me!!!"

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