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#12 The Gardener

This week has been incredibly busy, publishing two stories, brainstorming for an upcoming submission, writing every day and getting back to my bill-paying job after a wonderful summer. Whew!

I wasn't sure what this week's illustration was going to be until I went for a walk and caught a glimpse of a neighbor smelling the flowers in her garden. I had noticed her garden before. It is in the front of the house and it is beautiful and abundant.

I went home, drew a spirited version of her and wrote the story the following morning.

The gardener is up for adoption. I drew her in pen and ink and used a bit of my favorite vintage salmon colored floss for the flowers. I added a touch of bright magenta at the last moment.

The gardener is the story of a woman who knows what she wants. Read it and tell me what you think.

Updated on August 25, 2017

The gardener was given to Veronique S. of Houston, Texas. Veronique, who is originally from France wrote: "Comme ta voisine, je m'obstine a croire que la nature et les jardiniers auront le dernier mot. Je me porte candidate pour The gardener, inspiree par ma 2eme fille cette fois. Elle cultive un potager en boite et ses legumes ne veulent qu'une chose : pousser en dehors de la boite !"

Translation: "Like you neighbor, I insist in believing that nature and gardeners will have the last word. I put my name in the hat for The Gardener, inspiredly my second daughter this time. She keeps a boxed vegetable garden but her vegetable only want one thing: to grow outside the box!"

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