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#11 The Chinese Lantern

This week has been very busy with an extra giveaway to my friend Samantha's painting class. Samantha is one of the most generous, positive person I know. She lives in Goliad, Texas where she has worked tirelessly to infuse her community with fun and spirit. A few months ago, Samantha started to organize weekend painting + wine tasting classes.

We talked about her new passion, she sent me pictures of her work. One thing led to another and she asked if I would donate a Project 105 art piece to one of her painting classes.

I sent her this flower, which ended up being my version of the Chinese Lantern that her students painted that night.

One thing you have to know about me is that I love flowers. One of my earliest memories is when my godfather brought me a huge pot of blue hydrangeas for my third birthday. Who brings flowers to a little girl's third birthday? No one! That never happens! But I absolutely LOVED IT! I felt so grown up.

Chinese lanterns, hydrangeas, little girl, birthday, godfather. All of it got weaved into a new story, "Her future is a gift", the 11ht of Project 105. Go ahead and check it out.

Email me. Comment. Tell me what you think. Most of all. Enjoy!

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