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10th episode of Project 105: the seer's dog

Believe it or not, this is already the 10th piece of art for Project 105.

The project is going pretty well with followers in the UK, Taiwan, France and of course, the US.

This week's art is inspired by this wonderful book I picked up while on vacation last week.

The book, My mother she killed me, my father he ate me, edited by Kate Bernheimer is a modern take on the classical fairy tale. If you think the title is scary, you are absolutely right. It actually refers to the story of The Juniper Tree from Grimm's fairy tales.

My own short story for this week's illustration is neither grim nor scary but it features Gus, the good dog, who used to be my friend Shelly's companion. Gus passed away a few years ago but I always think of him as the quintessential very,very good dog.

So. Who needs a good dog?

Update: Gus the dog was claimed. He is on his way to Maya, in Coonoor, India.

"I think Project 105 is brilliant.

I'm not sure how I came across this project but I'm following the project now. In all probability it was during a blog hop that I discovered Project 105

I live in South India in a small town called Coonoor.

The World Wide Web is my window to the world of art and design.

I like the way you combine the story and incorporate embroidery and fabrics into the original illustration.

I love dogs and have two of them at our home. Gus reminds me of my dog Blackie and that's the reason I would like to this artwork."

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