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#7 giveaway: Fish and critters

This week's art is a colorful pond of fish and God only knows what other critters decided to come on the page. I painted it with acrylic inks, one of the very first mediums I ever used. The inks make very vibrant colors and I indulged with lots of blues, greens and oranges. Oh! And some hand embroidery to tie it all together.

The piece is framed in a 8" x 8" shadow box with a light grey mat. The painting itself is not an exact square though because, well...because a perfect square can be a little too predictable.

So. Interested? If yes, email me to be included in this week's drawing: pmn@pmneist.com

By all means, tell me what you think. I love receiving emails and fan mail. Tell your friends and your fishing buddies. Someone must have the fish.

UPDATED 7/24/2017: The fish was given to Shondra W. of Houston Texas

"I love the colors and it reminds me of a simpler time. My late mother loved loved fishing. So, I literally grew up fishing with my mom, aunts and uncles and cousins (mainly mom's family, my dad's family wasn't big on being outside). I remember some of the different species we would see and sometimes catch depending on if we were fishing in fresh water, salt water or a pond." Shondra W.

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