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Project 105 - story #3: Leur Voyage (their journey)

The art work and story for the third piece of Project 105 were delivered last week to Tina T. of Houston, Texas.

You can read the story on the Project 105 site on medium.com

The story is inspire from Tina's pet African parrot (who loves to take showers) and my own African parrot, smuggled from a Belgian pet shop back in the 70's. That parrot, Ulysses, ended up dying of bronchitis after a couple of years. I must have been twelve or thirteen and was terrified of him. He probably was terrified of me.

The illustration combines collage with pen and ink over watercolor and of course, embroidery.

As in the two previous pieces, the back of the illustration integrates the embroidery stitches into a custom signature (more about that in a later post).

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