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Project 105 - story #2: 1936

The second illustrated story of Project 105 was mailed to Donna D. in Houston, Texas in April 2017:

"I just received my Project 105 piece - I just love it! The art is so beautiful and whimsical and it really serves to brings the flash fiction piece to life. I have thought that you were a natural born story teller since the time many, many years ago when I heard you tell the most incredible story [...]. I was impressed enough by that, and now seeing you blossom into painting, drawing, mixed media illustration I'm truly in awe of your creativity and talent."

The story, 1936, was inspired by a recollection of my first yoga classes, when I was a student in Lyon, France, in the early 80's. Yoga mats did not exist so we can practiced on the floor, in the corner of the classroom and occasionally used the type of field blankets that you could purchase at farming supply stores.

The story starts:

"She had met him at one of those political meetings where everybody talked at the same time and the room smelled of sweat and mushrooms. He had talked her..."

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