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The business of art

So, here we go. Project 105 is off the ground, with the second piece being mailed out to Donna D.

The past couple of weeks have been super hard because I am dealing with all the business aspects of the project, which is very different from actually producing art.

I have had to find ways to package and ship the art so it would not get damaged.

I asked someone with legal knowledge to draw up a media release form to clarify the rights of ownership to the art and stories.

I had to find a way to get the media release forms to the project participants and keep track of who has signed and who hasn't.

I have had to create and update this website and link it to all my social media accounts (how many passwords and user ids can one person possibly have?)

I still have to buy a supply of padded envelopes and I am throwing all receipts in a box because I can't think of dealing with the accounting yet.

Right now, I am doing something every day that keeps the project on track. I have to talk myself into it because, what I really, truly want to do is draw, write, embroider and create. Mailing and paperwork wasn't part of my plan but here I am, trying to find balance and silver lining in the business of art.

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