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The faerie godmothers

Last Saturday, I emailed two friends: would they accompany me on this journey and be the first to participate in Project 105? I hit "send" and waited. And waited. And waited.

Late Sunday night, one friend replied. She had been out of town and was busy and would have to think about my request. She would get back to me with an answer. I have yet to hear back from the other friend, but what was I thinking anyway? It's her busy season at work.

So much for faerie godmothers.

Because, in my daydream, that's what I was shooting for: a pair of women who cared for me and would make things easier with a flick of their magical wand. They would reassure me about how awesome my project is and they would tell all their friends to check out my website so I would never have to feel that terrible anxiety of being "out there"..

Tough luck. My faerie godmothers are busy. They have work, families, health issues and projects of their own that need nurturing.

And the very first gift they give me is the one I don't want: to get this thing off the ground, I must be brave enough to reach further..


PS: Lo and behold, I just heard back from Dianne P. She will be the first recipient of Project 105 artwork. Second gift from the faerie godmothers: Trust that all will be well!

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